Dog Cookie Jar
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Each jar measures 5" high and 3.5" wide.  Jars come with your choice of black or white lid and your choice of design.  Each jar is hand painted in the shape of a dog bone or a paw print.  You will love having a designated spot for your treats that adds a cute touch to your kitchen!

Upon request, these jars can be filled with our delicious Organic dog cookies.  When filled with Organic treats, we recommend storing the container in the frigerator for maximum freshness.  Each 32oz jar holds approximately 28 of Go Dog Wild cookies.

For custom orders, just give us a call.  Additional paint colors are available. 

Eco-friendly PET jars are the ideal storage for your dog treats!  These jars are lightweight, fully recyclable and made from food grade PET.

These hand-crafted PET jars require gentle hand-washing with warm soapy water.  Do not microwave.

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Dog Cookie Jar

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